New Year’s Knitting Goals: Color Me Fabulous

So, I started a post the other day but then Little Miss Grabby Hands thought my keyboard was the most interesting thing in the world and kablooey the long post was gone.  My fault because I didn’t save along the way.  And it was a little overlong anyway.  Let’s try this again!

The New Year is […]

Careless Whispers

I was rereading old posts last night and it struck me–I’ve made a lot of promises to post pictures or start projects and haven’t always followed through.  I mean, what happened to the circular sweater or those baby booties?  Where is the picture of the blanket DH’s Grandma made?  There were others too that escape […]

Knitting Bio

Ellen Seminara

Soupygirl Knitting

I learned how to knit when I was about 12 years old.  It was a 4-H project and my first “square” looked like the state of Tennessee.  Definitely some mistakes happening there.  My next projects went much better and one of my sweaters won a blue ribbon at the State Fair!  For many […]