So Close, But Yet So Far

Have finally finished the knitting portion of the Traveling Sweater.  Holy Moses has that taken a long time.  I can’t tell you how many hours of two by two ribbing and short rows have already gone into that thing.  Considering it was a Mother’s Day gift last year and I’m only now to this point–it’s […]


We have so much for which we are thankful this year.  We have a home and are not in danger of losing it.  We can pay our heating bill.  We have food to eat and warm clothes.  We have cars that run well and can put gas in them.  More than these basics that far […]

The Ring

So this is the main ring in the Traveling Sweater.  The open ends are joined and the sleeves set into the hole.  The top outside edge is the outer edge of the collar.  The outside bottom edge is the the bottom edge of the back of the sweater.

It’s very exciting to have this part finished!

Ramping Up Again

Ok, the break was nice while it lasted.  Hooray for new and returning clients.  Hooray for knitting projects.  Boo for only 24 hours in a day and only about 5 of them when I’m awake and Sparkle girl is asleep.

Hooray for a home schooled teenager who can babysit during the day.  Her story is a […]

Winding Down-ish

The last two months have been super-busy.  I over committed myself in a big way with personal projects as well as with professional ones.  The good news is that I got it all done, on time (mostly).

First up:  Super Secret Knitting Project.  My friend’s partner commissioned Christmas stockings for both of them um, way back […]


So I’m wondering why my life seems to look like this equation lately:

time in the day / to do list = more hours than there are in the day

Technically when you divide something it gets SMALLER not LARGER.

To be fair, we lost a week when a vicious stomach virus decimated the family one at a […]

Welcome to the Toddler-hood

An update on the Fred Meyer fiasco photo shoot.  They used her in the group shot after all.  But I think they photo-shopped her in.  It’s a darn cute photo but a miracle they got even a shot to insert. What’s funny is that I saw that outfit at the store today and contemplated buying […]

We were all babies once

It has been too hot and I’ve been too busy with other projects to knit. So I’m writing about something that has been rattling around in my head lately.

Watching The Sparkle Girl develop her personality, acquire language and skills, and generally begin the process of becoming the person she will eventually be in this […]


It’s an amazing act of evolution or creation (or whatever your belief is on this subject, not to be debated here thank you) that human babies are born with really bendy heads so that they can fit through the birth canal.  According to Dr. Harvey Karp (Happiest Baby on the Block) they are really born […]

The sweater continues and an artist is born

The traveling sweater continues.  All that 2×2 ribbing is a little hypnotizing and I put it down for a little while.  I’m almost through the first of four giant skeins.    Here you can see the original size and how much it made (nice bonus of Mt. Hood in the background).

You’ll notice how it curves, a […]